Here is my history on how I got into model horses and my equine life time

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Well .....I stared riding from a very early age, 1-2 maybe, my mum has always had horses and ponies so most of my knowledge and experience I owe to her.  As far back as I can remember horses have always been a part of my life. I entered my 1st show at the age of 3 in a fancy dress class I was a petrol pump (odd I know) on a friends horse named Sky, he was a minataure Shetland Stallion, I dont really remember the day but my mum says I fell asleep whist in the show ring.

At the age of 4 mum bought me my very own pony Jilly   ( Jilly of Redamire) She was a 40 inch Standered Sheltland I loved her to bits, I entered my first lead rein class at Snaith Show ( East Ridding). Where I came away with the Big Red Ribbon. Jilly was such an amazing mare that mum could let me ride her on my own through the village where we lived. I carried on showing Jilly and entering into Child hander classes the ribbons started to mount up.

At age 7-8 (not 100%) my mum upgraded my horse to a 12.2hh  Welsh Section B, Gizzmo she was a good mare too, teaching me to canter and to jump small fences. I didnt take Gizzmo showing as I never felt that I was up to showring standards with my riding.  After a while as most children do I lost interest with her and she was sold, and this is the reason why I cherish everyday I have with my horse now. Although my riding horse was sold I still kept showing and riding the Shetlands my mum owned.

We then started to up our breed lines and bought our most loved mare Velvet (from the Radamire stud line)  after Showing her at Big County Shows and winning we broke her in and then put her to stud to birchmoore Amadaus, and produced a strong Colt Named Heckline Hercules, Hercky and his mum then hit the shows at 3 months old they won the likes of Notts. and Newark County Show, Skyhouse, Great Yorkshire and Seaten Ross Show, plus many local show. (sadly most of these shows have now gone)

When I got to 13 I landed my self a job at the local livery yard, going before school mucking out and eventualy exercising their horses, the horse that I most enjoyed riding was a 16.2hh Tb Gelding called Sunny, he was a handful but fun to gallop across the acers of stubble. 

I saved up and bought myself a new pony for showing, Pippin (Harliquine Bow) he stood at 36 inches, but had a lot of attitude.

He did quite well at shows but wasnt quite up to County Standers so he became a much loved pet and then a companion to my mums pride and joy George (Knockgallant Knight)

George was a Wonderful Standard Shetland Stallion, that my mum loved dearly.  We ran a Stud looking after and covering other peoples Ponies, the love of Ponies became second nature. The Stud Profile can still be found in the Shetland Stud Book "Heckline"  


When I left School I went to college to Study horse care the 4 years flew by giving me my Degree, and pleanty of riding  experience. Now away from home I was ready to get my own horse back again. I found a lovely friendly yard close to me and started to help out with some horses there. I was then given a horse on loan.

I had Bracken for 3 years till I had to give him back due to my job commitments, I had never felt so upset. So I made a pledge that I would buy my own once more and get back to the showing life I lead. With this I then made the choice that work shall never stand in the way of my horses, and started this Company so that others can share the knowledge I have and all the fun too.

I then got own My Dream horse (9 years) and have just started back at shows with him hes very inexperienced and nervorus but I know we'll get him there. He's a 16hh Appoloosia Gelding.  At only 12 years old he's currently under going Dressage Training, which he doing very well his Show Name is Aztec Sprit. 

At 29 I had a baby and my mum was told she had Cancer I had to sell my beautiful boy to take care of my new baby and mum, so I stated to collect models to keep my fingers in the equine pie.


I bought my first breyer horse with breyer tack and to be honest, was a little dissapointed to say the least, so my mum said why didnt I use my knowlge to make my own and that's what I did and as it happens I'm very good at it.

Each item I make, I impove and hope to become a household name in the world of model horses

Hot to Trot show 2017

Now winning inthe world of model horses

2018 achivements

Another sucessful year