Training Aids and Rugs

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Lunge equipment

Lunge set

Lunging  is a technique for training horses, where a horse is asked to work at the end of a lunge line and respond to commands from a handler on the ground who holds the line.



The Pessoa Lungeing System consists of an easy-to-put-together array of ropes, clips and pulleys, as well as a breeching strap that passes behind the horse's hindquarters, and is used in conjunction with a training surcingle while the horse is being lunged.

Stable Rug

Stable Rug

Stable rugs are breathable, allowing perspiration to evapourate, and are available in a variety of colours. ... Under blankets or liners can also be used underneath the stable rug to provide extra warmth to the horse. A fleece rug can also be used as a light stable rug or as an under blanket/rug under a stable rug.

Exercise Sheet

Exercise Sheet

Exercise sheets provide a protective layer of warmth for your horse’s loin and hindquarters to allow you to ride in cool conditions without the concern of chill.

Overreach or Bell Boots

Bell boots

Bell boots are usually worn to prevent overreaching (when the horse "grabs" his front heels with the toes of his back feet, resulting in injury), or if the horse is wearing shoe studs, to protect him from accidentally injuring himself with the stud of the opposing hoof.

Fly Rug

Fly set

The main purpose of these rugs, and the clue is in the name here, is the way that they protect your horse against biting insects and FLIES. ... That's right, these sheets are extremely effective at keeping bugs and insects off of your horse's coat.

Brushing Boots

Brushing boots

Brushing boots or splint boots are used to protect a horse's legs during exercise, protecting the lower leg from injury that may occur if one leg or hoof strikes the opposite leg.