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Grooming kits

all handmade grooming kit

Grooming Kit is the name given to the collection of brushes and combs that are needed to keep a horse clean, shining and healthy. Each brush or comb serves a different purpose and the most common items that form a grooming kit are listed below. Dandy Brush


3D printed Jump Wings

Show jumping, also known as "Stadium Jumping", "Open Jumping", or simply "Jumping", is a part of a group of English riding equestrian events that also includes Dressage, Eventing, Hunters, and Equitation. Jumping classes are commonly seen at horse shows throughout the world, including the Olympics.

Saddle Covers

Saddle cover My own patterning

Protect your horses saddle with a saddle cover.  So you no longer need to worry about the rain affecting your leather. 

First Aid Kits

Handmade Kits to keep your horse safe and well 1:9 scale.

You'll find antiseptic wound cleaners such as Hibitane, Betadine or Novalsan Scrubs are useful for washing skin infections, cuts and punctures.  A pair of sharp scissors is essential in a Horse First Aid Kit.

Mounting Blocks

Handmade for 1:9 scale

A Mounting Block is a 'Must-Have' piece of equipment for any yard or riding school. Saves pressure on the horses back.

Rosettes and Sashes

Handmade 1:9 scale

A rose-shaped decoration, typically made of ribbon, worn by supporters of a sports team or awarded as a prize.
1st - red; 2nd - blue; 3rd - yellow; 4th - green (or white?); 5th - pink or green or orange; 6th - purple or maroon; 7th - orange or pale green; 8th - aqua or tan; 9th - navy or brown; 10th - cherry(?) or grey.


3D printed from own patterns

A stirrup is a light frame or ring that holds the foot of a rider, attached to the saddle by a strap, often called a stirrup leather. Stirrups are usually paired and are used to aid in mounting and as a support while using a riding animal (usually a horse or other equine, such as a mule).

Saddle Stands

saddle stand and grooming kit storage

A portable saddle stand is easy to transport for use at home on or the road, a collapsible saddle rack is perfect for use in barn aisles and wall mounted stands are ideal for tack rooms where saddles are stored when not in use. Keep your saddles off the ground and looking their best.

Feed Bins

handmade carrots

Feed Bins, suitable for use in and around the small holding, farm, stables, garage, in fact anywhere where feed needs to be kept clean, dry and vermin free.