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Halter Parts

Leather Halter

A horse halter is an essential item, giving you a means of control over your horse when you're not riding. A leather halter is a classic style for around the barn or on showgrounds, while a nylon halter can be fun to give your horse a bit of color and a rope halter can be a great training aid.

Control Halter

The Control Halter is ideal for horses that are difficult to control. With its unique, comfortable design, padded head piece and noseband, and soft fabric, the halter applies pressure – but not force. It gives superior handling when dealing with young or excitable horses.
Ideal as a "leading" training aid for young horses.
Essential for loading difficult horses, leading horses who may bolt and for farriers/vets who need the horse to be steady.

Nylon styly Halter

Nylon halters are essential pieces of equine tack used to properly guide your horse, commonly used during grooming. They are durable enough to withstand even the toughest of weather conditions without losing their effectiveness.

Padded Halter

ThinLine provides protection for sensitive skin reducing rub marks and minor hair loss from turn out.  Perfect for your show halter, comfortable enough for a shipping halter

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A lead, lead line, lead rope (USA) or head collar rope (UK), is used to lead an animal such as a horse. Usually, it is attached to a halter. The lead may be integral to the halter or, more often, separate.