Commissions for 2018 



IF you would like any items this year please contact me at




English police set owned by L.De Laney

Stable mate harneses x4 Owner T.Johnson

Legend Of Zelda set Owned by E.Buccheri

I also do fixed tack owned by K.Coupland

Lord Of The Rings Set - owned by D.Hunt

Not all my commissions are tack new owned by M. Randles

on show day

Racing set owner A.Hitchman

  • Owners photo by E.Buccheri

  • Owened By T. Johnson

  • Owned By K.Coupland
    (owners photo)

  • Owned By K.Coupland

  • Owned By W.Wheelock

  • Owned by W.Wheelock

  • Owner J.Klar

  • Owned by H.Lestrr

  • Owned by J. Klar

  • Owned by S. Austin

  • Owned by T.Smith

  • Owned by T.smith

  • Owned by K. Brown

  • Owned by K.Brown

  • Owned by K.Brown

  • Owned By O.Reah

  • Owned by O.Rech

  • Owned by O.Reah

  • Owned by O.Reah

  • Raffle For London Model horse show (march 2018)

  • Raffle Prizes for this years shows


  • Owned By C.Griffin

  • Owned By C.Griffin

  • owned my T. Johnson